Program HaPoP-3, 25 June 2016

The book of abstracts is available here

8.50-9.00: Introduction

9.00-10.00: Warren Toomey, UNIX: Building a Development Environment from Scratch, audio

10.00-10.20: Break

10.20-11.55: Historical explorations of operating systems

10.20- 10.55: Maarten Bullynck, An initial investigation into early operating systems
10.55-11.30: Gauthier van den Hove, The design of the “THE” operating systems
11.30-12.05: Stephen Kell, The operating system: why there should be one (or two)


13.20-14.30: Historical explorations of programming and their consequences

13.20-13.55: Rabia Arif and Giuseppe Primiero, Data Validation: a historical comparative study from the business computing industry
13.55-14.30: Julian Rohrhuber, The sans-papier as a first-class citizen. Tracing the object as a symptom in and of a history of problems

14.30-14.45: Break

14.45-16.30: Formal aspects of operating systems

14.45-15.20 Cliff Jones and Troy Astarte, Formal semantics of ALGOL 60: a comparison of four descriptions
15.20-15.55 Selmer Bringsjord, Atriya Sen and Naveen Govindarajulu, Ethical operating systems
15.55-16.30 Robin Hill, Elegance in software

16:30-16:45 Break

16.45-17.45: Round table: Debate on the development of a French “sovereign” operating system, with Gaël Duval, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia (talk), Warren Toomey and TBA.