Third Symposium for the History and Philosophy of Programming

We are happy to announce the third Symposium for the History and Philosophy of Programming to be held on June 25, 2016 in Paris. This symposium follows the first and second editions which were organized in 2012 and 2014 respectively. It is supported by the DHST/DLMPS Commission on the History and Philosophy of Computing and the CNAM. This edition is an affiliated event of Computability in Europe 2016 which will be held the week after HaPoP-3.

One major challenge throughout the history of programming is the development of an interface between humans, software and hardware. It has been the task of the so-called operating system to: maintain a file system; regulate access to resources; synchronize operations; etc. Today, Operating Systems are usually equipped with Graphical User interfaces (GUI) designed to give the "user" a "friendly" experience thus hiding – and sometimes even rendering inaccessible – much of the underlying structure and features of the computing machinery. In which way is this changing our relation to machines and what the unintended epistemic consequences are, is still to be assessed.

The aim of the current symposium is to offer an opportunity for historical and philosophical reflection on operating systems and the programs they coordinate. Our approach is interdisciplinarity and openness towards different fields relevant to HaPoC. We were and are strongly convinced that such trans- and interdisciplinarity is necessary if one wants to reflect on a discipline such as computer science with its multidimensional nature. The current symposium will be organized in a similar manner and invites researchers coming from a diversity of backgrounds, including historians, philosophers, logicians and computer scientists who want to engage with topics relevant to the history and philosophy of programming and more specifically that of operating systems.

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